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Review Adieu Galaxy Express 999

It has been two years since Tetsuro and Maetel defeated Promethia but all is not well. The machine men are still around and earth has become a battle scarred ruin. While fighting in the war against the machines Tetsuro receives a message from Maetel that she wishes him to travel on Galaxy Express 999 once again. Unwilling to refuse a request from her Tetsuro mounts a daring raid in order to board the train. Everything is in place except for Maetel is not onboard.

Adieu Galaxy Express 999 is the second movie based on the Galaxy Express 999 series by Leiji Matsumoto. It is one of the better Matsumoto movies and certainly one worth watching especially if you enjoy movies that make you think. The down side of this is that being based off of a manga series I got the feeling that some things were not as well explained as they could have been, even with the full two hours of movie to watch. The movie ambles about at a fair pace but seems sparse in comparison to the first movie.

Adieu Galaxy Express 999 is a pretty old movie in anime terms being over twenty years old. The animation really shows itís age. While it is not that good it certainly doesnít get in the way of enjoying the movie.

Adieu Galaxy Express 999 somewhat out of print as there is not a dvd version to this movie as of the time of this writing. This may make it somewhat hard to find but if you happen to find it (and it will probably be at a discount) picking it up is a good idea. I give Adieu Galaxy Express 999 a rating of very good.

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