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Review Ah my Goddess the movie

Belldandy and Keiichi are living a normal happy life, well as normal as can be given that Belldandy and her sisters are actually Goddesses with magical powers and the other weird stuff that happens from time to time. One day Belldandy runs into her old mentor Celestin, a power god who has just been broken out of prison. Celestin casts a spell on Belldandy removing all of her memories of Keiichi. All this occurs at the same time that a mysterious girl shows up and joins the Nekomi tech racing team (Keiichiís extracurricular activity).

After waiting years for a follow-up to the five part Oav this movie is fairly adequate in satiating a fans needs for more of the super nice Belldandy and her friends. Let me warn you that this is a supplementary movie with several walk on characters that you donít even see in the Oav. This being said the plot is solid and belongs in a movie format even if there was a proper Ah my Goddess television series that it could be placed in (a boy can dream, canít he?).

Even though the plot and characters in the movie are enjoyable the biggest reason you should see this movie is the artwork. As a highly anticipated move all the graphical stops were pulled and a visual wonder is the result. It clearly ranks among the best animated movies I have seen.

While I canít say that this movie is a classic especially given that you need to read the manga to fully understand the move (and I do recommend the manga). Still as this type of movie goes the Ah my Goddess movie is still a cut above most movies constructed from a longer running series. I give Ah my Goddess the movie a rating of very good.

Ps If you were wondering, yes this is the same series as Oh my Goddess. I just went by what the title on the box said when stating the title of an anime as that is what you look for.

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