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Review Angel sanctuary

Setsuna Mudo is a relatively normal high school studentô with a couple of not so normal secrets. The first being that he is in love with his sister. And by being in love with his sister I donít mean in the normal way but in a more perverse way. The second unbeknownst to him is that is there was a war in heaven and the angel Setsuna, or something inside him is involved somehow and summon demons and angels want to draw that out for various reasons. Both of these secrets are about to tear Setsunaís life apart.

Angel Sanctuary is a three part Oav based on a much longer manga series. Unfortunately this is the only animation based on this series. Even though the Oav covers only a small portion of the series the Oav is still a bit convoluted and difficult to follow. On the other hand if you can manage to follow the plot it is an intricate show that just doesnít let up.

The animation for Angel sanctuary is well done given that it is an Oav. The character designs are especially good if you are into the bishonen style. It is obviously done with computer animation given the panning technique. Other than that I didnít notice anything out of the ordinary.

Angel sanctuary is an original and powerful Oav. However I would not recommend it to immature or easily offended people. The other big problem with the Oav is that the manga series is not licensed in the United States forcing you to hunt down import manga once you are done watching the show. Other than that Angel Sanctuary is utterly intoxicating. I give Angel sanctuary a rating of very good.

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