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Review Angelís tail

Mutsumi Goro is an unlucky man. The company he worked for went bankrupt. He canít find a girlfriend. All the pets he had as a child died in accidents. This last misfortune is what is most important since one day, Goroís pet goldfish, along with his pet parakeet and pet hamster returned from the grave in the form of cute girls. These girls are actually guardian angels that are supposed to help him. They donít that well of a job at it so the guyís pet cat comes back, also transformed into a cute girl. In episode three Goroís pet dog and rabbit join the motley crew and by that time things get a little crowded. So what happens you ask? Six more pets turn into guardian angels and they are all supposed to live in Goroís apartment.

Angelís tail is an anime show in the shonen romance genre. In all my years of watching anime I have trouble thinking of a show in this genre worse than Angelís tail. Not only is the (supposedly) main character the same kind of spineless wimp that many male protagonists are in this type of story, Goro is more wooden than most of them. The other big problem with the show is that girls on the show are also two dimensional. There should be a law against having more main characters in an anime show than there are episodes.

The animation for angelís tail is also rather flat. The biggest problem being that the showís palette tends far to heavily towards bright pastel colors. This would be more forgivable if this was an older show, but Angelís tail is the product of twenty first century computer animation. The music on the show is also annoying. The opening and ending songs not only are uninspired but they are repeated many times in the show itself.

I didnít really like Angelís tail. If you have been reading my reviews you will find out that this doesnít happen too entirely often with me and an anime show. The only thing Angelís tail has going for it is that it is packed with cute girls, but given the nature of anime that can be said of almost any show. Angelís tail is currently only available through fansubs, meaning that you can get it over the Internet for free and with this review I can now clear it out of my hard drive. I give Angelís tail a rating of poor.

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