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Review Arcadia of my youth

Earth has lost itís independence to the Ilumidis empire. There is only the faint hope of the future spoken by the free voice of Arcadia. While eating a meal Harlock runs into a strange man named Tochiro and helps him when Tochiro is in trouble. It seems that they have a friendship that goes back generations and Harlock is the special person that can captain the ship that Tochiro has been building in secret. In the end only Harlock and his friends can stand up for justice when the very people they fought for have given up their dignity.

The works of Leiji Matsumoto are very distinct and noticeable to someone who has been watching anime for a while. While some may like or dislike these movies what I can say with almost complete confidence is that this movie is hands down the best of the lot. I found this movie to be extremely dramatic and compelling. It is the type of male bonding movie that you donít see anymore, and I kind wish they did.

The animation for Arcadia of my youth is kind of old and the character designs look a bit mismatched. Tochiro and Harlock almost look like they were designed by different people. Not that it really distract you from enjoying the movie but it worth noting.

I remember seeing Arcadia of my youth years ago before I was doing reviews for Anifanatikku. I am really glad that I got the chance to see it again since it has come out on DVD. This movie is certainly one of the best that I have ever seen and it goes on my list of best anime movies ever. I give Arcadia of my youth a rating of fantastic!

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