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Review Armitage dual matrix

Time has passed since the first Armitage movie. Naomi Armitage and Ross Sylabis have been lying low in picturesque suburbia and are raising their daughter Yoko. Well this is what happens until Armitage receives a message about a robot uprising on Earth and itís brutal suppression. So what is Armitage to do except take off her apron and done her hot pants and get to the bottom of all this? Meanwhile Ross is sent to earth in order to advance the cause of robot rights. However both Armitageís and Sylabus will cross paths again as they are both connected to the same plot.

Armitage Poly matrix was a great movie and with many great movies has a sequel. As is the case with many sequels Dual matrix fails to live up to the expectations of the first movie. This is not to say that dual matrix is a bad movie, just one that isnít as good as poly matrix. There is something of a philosophical side to this movie but I found It wasnít fleshed out as well as it could be.

The animation for dual matrix is a mixed bag. On one hand the drawings themselves are superbly executed while on the other hand the computer animation is some of the jerkiest I have ever seen with almost constant digital panning and other cost cutting measures.

If you were a big fan of Armitage poly matrix you may really enjoy dual matrix. While I didnít find dual matrix to be that good of a movie it is still within the realm of an enjoyable film. Just donít expect it to be the anime classic the first movie was. I give Armitage Dual matrix a rating of good.

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