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Review Armageddon

Four Billion years ago an alien race searched the galaxy for other sentient life but found none so they decided to create some company. Fast forward to the present a normal boy is scouted out by a beautiful and strange woman. Soon he finds out that other and more sinister people are gunning for him and kidnap his family. In reality the boy is in fact the legendary delta boy with the power to save the world. So he is whisked to the twenty second century to fight off an invasion by an alien race that evolved from dinosaurs.

I have been watching anime and science fiction for quite a few years and few movies I have seen have the shoddy plot construction and Swiss cheese-like continuity as Armageddon, and the vast majority of the those were on Mystery science theater 3000. The writing feels very scattered and without a good attempt to create a cohesive or believable world or characters. There is also the fact that several ideas that could have lead to a good movie are never explored but simply dropped.

The animation for Armageddon is pretty bad. It would be somewhat average if it was a television show made in the eighties but it s practically unforgivable for a movie.

In short this movie stinks. Manga entertainment hasnít made a dvd version of the movie attests to how bad it is. Some things should simply lost in the sea of time and this movie is certain a top candidate for this fate. I give Armageddon a rating of poor.

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