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Review Armitage III polymatrix

Detective Ross Syllblus is a Chicago police officer who has just been transferred to Mars. Two sources of trouble await him there, one is his new partner, a loose cannon by the name of Naomi Armitage. The second is a shooting that occurs on the very plane that occurs on the shuttle that he arrives in. This isnít any normal murder, since the victim is actually a robot. This isnít any normal robot either. The robot in question was advanced enough to be a country singer. This shooting isnít an isolated incident since not only is there a wave of anti robot protests but also a wave of killings that target robots like the one killed at the airport. Armitage is especially upset with these murdersÖ

Armitage is a fairly famous anime movie partly due to it having Elizabeth Berkley and Kiefer Sutherlandvoice acting as Armitage and Syllblus, respectively. As can be expected of such high profile actors the dub of this movie is very well done. Also to be noted Armitage III polymatrix is actually the movie version of a four part Oav. Any editing between the two versions is so minimal if at all existent, that this fact is merely trivia.

The animation for Armitage is top notch befitting an anime movie of itís caliber. The artwork takes full advantage of the cyberpunk setting but is not trapped by it as can be seen later in the movie. The action scenes are fluid and thoroughly enjoyable.

Armitage is one of those that best exemplifies anime and what why it is so popular. Armitage on one hand it is a top notch action film with fight scenes every fifteen minutes or so, and on the other hand it is a deep philosophical movie on the meaning of life, humanity and independence. The movie never sacrifices one side of the coin for the other. On top of this Armitage is very accessible and cheaper to buy than most anime titles. I give Armitage III polymartrix a rating of excellent.

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