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Review Asagiri no Miko

The return of Tadahiro Amatsu is met with a mysterious stranger who tries to kill him because of his mysterious red eye. Fortunately for him the people that he is staying with are a temple family with three sisters who are Mikos (Shinto priestess). The middle sister, Yuzu, has a long past with Tadahiro, going back several years to a promise that he has forgotten. The demon attacks eventually become more than she can cope with and so a miko council of students from different classes is formed to deal with the encroaching menace.

Perhaps the most noticeable feature of Asagiri no Miko is the episodes are shorter than most anime. Even so it manages to be nice story that still feels complete, somewhat average but an enjoyable show nonetheless. Watching made me wonder how much time is wasted in filler episodes and other such extraneous things put into many anime shows. Asagiri no miko stradles the line between a shonen and shojo anime being something that either sex can watch. The show works as a magical girl type but without many of the overly cute bells and whistles usually attached to such shows.

The animation for Asagiri no Miko is good. Nothing remarkable but it does the job. The opening and ending songs are well done, as to be expected from the famous Megumi Hayashibara.

Asagiri no Miko is currently available only through fansubs. Overall this is a nice show and donít let the twelve minute episodes make you think otherwise. I give Asagiri no Miko a rating of good.

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