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Review Avenger
Written by Warpshadow
Rating fair

The best way for me to explain Avenger is to do a check list. Good animation, check. Soundtrack, check. Exciting fight sequences, check. Somewhat original premise, check. Characters that donít make me want to jam a railroad spike through my head, oops missed something.

The situation on Mars is looking pretty bleak. The people cannot conceive children and have robots that are called dolls in their place. A menacing red moon dominates the sky and may collide with Mars. The world is ruled by the iron fist of Volk, who rules from his domed city. In this world there is a mysterious fighter by the name of Layla Ashley. Not much is known about her except for that she has a hatred for Volk and that she travels with a custom doll named Nei. This piques the interest of a doll breeder called Speedy who decides to become their traveling companion.

Avenger has almost all of the necessary things to make a great anime show except for the fact that the characters are about as interesting as watching paint dry. Even after watching the whole series and I canít really more about Lalya than what was mentioned in the previous paragraph since neither she or Nei say more than five lines in an average episode. Most of the episode is basically Speedy sounding like he is talking to himself since the other characters donít usually reply when spoken to. Needless to say this makes the show really boring. Although the other factors lift the show out of the gutter of a poor rating I still wouldnít recommend this.

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