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Place: Marriott Marquis Hotel,
Times Square, New York City
Time: 10:00 - 7:00 Saturday August 30th.

Part 1

It all started in Times Square. Once I walked up to the hotel, there was no one in costumes! I thought to myself, “I wonder if I read the time right?” I just went in anyway. Then. I knew it was there. There was a big sign that said: “Axny goers, please use escalators”
So I started to go upstairs.

Once I got up there, I quickly found registration. There were no lines! I got a pass (Adult Saturday - Aska, Children’s - Krillian). I also got a couple of magazines, including, Rajin comics # 0, Fuijin ma. W/ Rajin preview, Shohen Jump # 0, Axny program, and an ADV films program. I was so happy! I loved it!

Part 2 - Opening Ceremony

Ahhh, a very funny part of the day. First of all, I got at the back of the line, But I was one of the first people in! Then I got seats next to a magazine reporter. Finally, 20 mins after, they started.,. First was Mayami Tanaka, who does the voice of Krillan. When ever the interrupter tried to interoperate, she kept interrupting. Every Guest made a joke about themselves, either it be the oldest, or the tallest. Every time a good anime was said, everyone applauded. It was a paridise.

Part 3 - American Idol in times square?

Finally, they let us ot and we could explore around times square. Remember the “Naked Cowboy” from American Idol? He was in the middle of Times Square. He was posing for pictures. Then I went across to BAAF (In Virgin Mega store) There was the world premire of Knockn on Heaven’s door was there. It of course sold out a week before. I then went to Toys R us, where I heard the funniest thing that day. “I think the Japaneesee people are invading us again”, said as little kid. I think she saw a little too much Pearl Harbor. Finally I decided to go back.

Part 4 - Lines and freebies galore!

Maybe leaving the con wasn’t good in the first place. I had to stand in lines for an hour. First a half an hour line to go upstairs, then a line to go into the dealer’s room. Finally I got in! And freebies there were. Everywhere you looked “free posters, free, free, etc. etc. I whatched previews, got free stuff, danced, got free stuff, Bought stuff, got free stuff (you get the free stuff thing now, right?). I saw lots of cos players. I got 2 issues of Animerica magazine, a test issue of Newtype English, 2 Inu-Yasha manga, and a couple free Baaf dvd’s. The worst part though was pushing through the lines. I was stuck at a booth for over 10 minutes! It got really annoying, and many people were also annoyed. Also, when you ordered something, they would give you the wrong thing, either that you couldn’t understand them ,or it was too loud there. I saw a couple trailers for new anime, and finally got my own eva (my dream). It was $5! I liked the dealer’s hall, and I hope to have the same on at my next convention.

Part 5 - Programming

Well, There were a couple panels. First I went to The cowboy Bebop one. The creators were there. They laughed, and had fun. Everyone discussed cowboy bebop. One of the topics brought up was that Cartoon Network wanted to see is they could make a 2nd Bebop season. I’d like to see that. Then I went to the Taro Maki panel, he was the producer of the ever popular, Tenchi series. I was able to ask him 2 questions. “ DID YOU WORK ON TENCHI MUYO GXP?”

Q: “Who’s your favorite character in Tenchi?”
A “Ryoko, because she has big busts”

The panel was fun, since only about 10 people went. I personally got to meet him. One of my dreams was to meet a Tenchi creator, and I fulfilled it.

Then I watched some anime. Many great titles were showing. I went to Fancy La La, an anime I’ve never heard of. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I actually saw it twice that day. Then I went to see Trouble Chocolate. It was a premiere, so I didn’t want to miss it. I have new anime to check out now, and I can’t wait to see more. I would’ve seen more but I had to go back home on the train (which was 2 hours) and the person picking me up didn’t want to come by after 11, so I had to take the 7:00 train. I hope to go to another expo soon. This time I’ll buy a camera.

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