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Review Banner of the stars

It has been three years since the events that took place in the Crest of the stars series and much has changed. Lafiel has been given command of an attack ship known as the Basroil with Jinto as her supply officer. The Abh and the United Mankind are at a stalemate with things looking to heat up in the near future. Specifically the Abh are about to conduct operation Phantom Flame in an attempt the break through a wedge the United Mankind have created in their territories.

Banner of the stars is a continuation of the Crest of the stars series so watching it would be essential to understanding this show. The Narrative is almost the same as the first show but with the unifying theme of the undertaking of Operation Phantom flame. Rather than having the situation of Lafiel and Jinto travel across the Galaxy the majority of the show takes place on the Basroil allowing for a more stable and well developed supporting cast than the previous series had. Even with the increased action of the battle of the Aptic Gate later in the series the main appeal of the show is in itís character development which is definitely superior to that of most shows with Banner of the stars having several truly interesting and unique characters.

The animation for Banner of the stars is decent but not all that interesting. Perhaps the worst feature of having a show that generally takes place on a spaceship is that the Background tends to look the same the majority of the time. Other than that the graphics and sound are completely acceptable.

Banner of the stars is a interesting and rather unique show, most likely because itís source material is a series of novels as opposed to manga which most anime is derived from. While itís style may put off some viewers that are more interested in more action based shows the rest will find this to be a very welcome change of pace. I give Banner of the stars a rating of excellent.

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