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Review Battle Angel

While search around the scrap heap for robot parts Dr. Ido find a nearly working CPU. He takes his find and with it builds a robot girl and names her Gally. It is a harsh world that Gally is brought into. She lives in Scrap Iron city, a giant slum that feeds off of the leftovers of a floating city in the sky called Zolum. Scrap Iron city is lawless with the only enforcement of the law being by the hand of the hunter warriors, a name for the bounty hunters there. With her robot strength and desire to do something with her life Gally becomes a hunter warrior.

Battle angel is clearly a fragment Ova, and clearly a good one. It left me feeling a bit unsatisfied, not because it wasnít any good but that there isnít anymore to watch. I guess I will have to get the manga. Battle angel also has a philosophical edge to it and unlike many short Oavs this one actually carries out itís message.

The animation for Battle Angel is very good. Looking at it is sometimes hard to tell that it was made over a decade ago. The various fight scenes are well done as well and compound my wish that this was longer.

Sometimes I think that fragment Oavs are made for the purpose of getting people to buy the manga series that they are based off of. If that is the case has been fairly successful in my case as I am certainly interested in reading the rest of the series. Even if you donít Battle Angel still manages to present a good story and is easily worth renting if not buying. I give Battle Angel a rating of good/ very good.

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