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Review Bio hunter

Kumata is a gifted biologist, but that is not all. He is one of the few people aware of the demon virus and with his partner Toshigaiya, hunts and tries to cure those with the virus. The demon virus is a bizarre disease that transforms the person infected with it into a monster. What is worse is that Kumata himself is infected with the demon virus and is doing his best to fight off the monster inside him. While going about his not so ordinary life Kumata saves a girl from some thugs. Her name is Sayaka and both she and her grandfather, who is a famous psychic are both involved with the demon virus.

Biohunter a relatively short movie that clocks at about an hour. In this leads to a very compact movie with little in the way of character development in any of the characters save Kumata. Kumata on the other hand is an interesting character and deep character for what the space of the movie allows. In fact Bio hunter is one of those fragment movies based on a longer manga series.

The animation for Bio hunter is very good being better than that of many fragment Oavs. The animation style is dark and very gothic. It pretty much what you would expect from a title liscensed by Urban Vision.

While I usually donít like these type of anime very much Bio hunter really worked for me. Another good thing about Bio hunter is that it is readily available not only through video stores but also on cable. I give Bio hunter a rating of good.

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