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Review Birdy the Mighty

Tsutomu is a very unfortunate young man. Late one night when he was going out to get a drink he ran into a fight between two aliens and was accidentally killed. He was brought back to life but with a strange consequence, he now shares his body with a woman. This is no ordinary woman either, she is Birdy, an alien police officer who drags Tsutomu into her very dangerous criminal investigations with her do to the fact that they share the same body. The criminal mastermind that Birdy is up against is a mad scientist with designs of mutating the entire population of Tokyo.

Birdy the Mighty is a mediocre Oav. Once you get past the gimmick of the show Birdy the mighty is a fairly typical anime action show. The show is ok but it feels flat. The biggest problem is that it is a four part Oav that tries to be a television series and fails at it. Perhaps that is what their original intent was, especially given the open nature of the show’s ending. Whatever the case the plot has definitely unfinished feel to it. p>The animation for Birdy the Mighty is good but nothing spectacular. The quality is somewhere around that of a mid nineties television show which furthers my belief that a television show was the original intent of the creators.

Birdy the Mighty is not a bad anime and the show could have had potential. Unfortunately this potential is not realized here and probably never will be. So I would suggest that you let this unfinished work lie. I give Birdy the Mighty a rating of fair.

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