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Review Blood, the last vampire
Written by Warpshadow
Rating good/ very good

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to watch half of a really cool action movie? If you did then Blood, the last vampire is right up your alley. Unfortunately character development is not included.

A quiet an mysterious girl called Saya works for a secret organization that hunts Chiropterans a type of being that resembles vampires. It seems that some of these creatures have infiltrated an American military base and it is Saya’s next mission to hunt them down and exterminate them.

Blood, the last vampire has the makings of a great action movie. Unfortunately, there is only forty five minutes to the whole thing so there isn’t that much room for an actual movie. The animation is top notch and the action sequences are fun to watch but the movie just left me feeling empty. I was impressed by the decision to include both English and Japanese Dialogue in the movie as the character’s situation dictated. The movie is supposedly based on a manga series but as the manga in unavailable in America fans here are left in the dark. I can’t really recommend this movie but if you happen to get the chance to watch it Blood the last vampire is still entertaining.

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