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Review Blue Seed

Momiji was just another girl living her life. One day her destiny as the Kushinada princess came to the forefront of her life when her sister Kaede disappeared. A mysterious man called Kusunagi appeared and tried to kill her. Then the Monster Orochi attacked Momijiís school. Then in two strange twists of fate Kusunagi attacked Orochi and in Momiji had been inbued with one of Orochiís Mitamas, a small blue seed that contains a soul. Also Momiji decided to Join a secret government agency called the TAC which deals with the Aragami, monsters who are like Orochi. This is only the beginning of the mystery and adventure of Blue Seed.

As season length (26 episodes) anime shows go Blue Seed is pretty good. The biggest problem with the series is that in the beginning the story is very episodic with a monster of the week format. Fortunately about halfway through the show it begins to formulate an in depth and intriguing plot and builds until the climax at the end. The characters arenít truly original but still manage to be engaging, especially after the show picks up in the second half.

The animation for Blue Seed is typical for an early nineties television show. If you can deal with that it is decent but donít get it expecting a spectacle.

Blue Seed is a fairly old show that has been in America for quite some time. When it was first released in the US is was overshadowed by Evangelion, which given the legendary nature of that show is easy to have happened. Blue Seed is still a show worth watching and now that is on dvds with a very high episode count (the entire 26 episodes on 4 dvds) It is something of a bargain. I give Blue seed a rating of very good.

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