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Review Burn up W

In the near future there are crimes that regular police can’t handle. To deal with such problem team warrior was created from police officers from various fields. One of these people is Rio from the homicide division who has a problem with spending her paycheck before she has earned it. One day a group of terrorists take an entire building hostage. They make demands that sound stupid like adding the word final to a video game. Could it be that behind their ludicrous demands there is a sinister plot unveiling?

This Oav tries to be a bit of everything. It has comedy, drama, a giant robot and a ton of fanservice. Unfortunately this makes the whole oav a bit weak as the earlier half and the second two episodes clash since the drama of the second half is based around characters that have built up no dramatic presence. The use of fanservice also detracts from any drama. To the show’s credit there is some fairly good action scenes.

The animation quality is decent but nothing out of the ordinary. Most of the characters also have giant breasts, that is unless they are hiding oranges in their shirts.

Burn up W is a generally forgettable oav. It falls under the category of "I have seen better but I have also seen worse". While that might not sound like much it is probably worth watching once if you can rent of see it for free. I give Burn up W a rating of fair/ good.

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