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Review Card Captor Sakura the movie

Sakura Kinomoto has been the card captor for quite some time. One day by pure luck she draws the grand prize in a store contest and wins a trip for to Hong Kong. She decides to take her brother, best friend Tomoyo and Yukito along with her. When she gets there she finds that Li is also there (he is from Hong Kong by the way). There is more than friends and good Chinese awaiting Sakura in Hong Kong as a phantom from the time of Clow Reed haunts her dreams.

The first Card Captor Sakura movie is what I would call a supplementary movie of the long episode variety. It also suffers from having the plot drop off in the middle of the movie. While none of this makes the movie actually bad it is something that anyone who is not a diehard fan of the show can safely pass over.

The animation on the other hand is top notch. Card Captor Sakura was animated extremely well and the movie takes it up another notch. Coupled with CLAMPís character designs this movie is worth watching simply for itís atheistic qualities. One word of warning, even though I typical liked dubbed anime avoid this movieís dub, it is terrible.

I found this movie to be decent but nothing special. Actually I found it to be a bit of a low point to the whole Card Captor Sakura story. Like I said before this is something I would only recommend to true fans of the series, not just anyone. I give Card Captor Sakura the movie a rating of good.

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