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Review Castle in the sky

Patzu is just another ordinary boy that lives in a mining town that is until the day a girl falls from the sky. Sheeta, the girl who fell from the sky as you can probably guess is not the most typical of girls. She has a magical crystal pendant which is very sought after by many people and which may be connected to Laputa, a legendary island in the sky that Patzuís father supposedly found. Being the good boy that Patzu is he tries to keep Shita safe when a gang of pirates try to take her crystal. Things get even hairier when the military gets involved.

Castle in the sky, also known as Laputa follows the fairly ordinary plot of a boy and a girl and their search for some secret artifact. The fortunate thing about this movie is that it manages to avoid many of the characterization and plot pitfalls that many of these types of films fall prey to. While you may have this type of movie a hundred times about ninety of those movies were cornier.

This movie is a studio Ghibli production and if you know what that means I need say no further. For those who donít all I can say is that you should watch this on the biggest television you can find for the movie is nothing more than two hours of jaw dropping background work.

I must be in a really cynical mood today because castle in the sky didnít blow me away. Even in my funk I can still tell that it is a really good movie better than most animated features. You should be more impressed than I was. I give castle in the sky a rating of excellent.

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