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Review Catnapped

Toriyasu had a dog named Papadoll that ran away after becoming a lazy dog. In reality he was taken to another world. Well not another planet exactly as the cats that live there say. But they need his help to calm down the dog as he is now running amok in Banipal witt under the direction of the spoiled princess Buburina. So Toriyasu and his sister Meeko are taken to the magical land of Banipal witt in order to set things right.

Catnapped first and foremost is a childrenís tale. Fortunately for older viewers it isnít the heavily commercialized childrenís movie that makes many people want to barf but a simple story that perhaps the entire family can enjoy. The world of Banipal Witt is one of the odd logic fantasy worlds similar in tone to the Harry Potter books or Spirited away. Unfortunately Catnapped isnít as good as either of those two but it still manages to be a fun movie nonetheless.

The animation for Catnapped is very entertaining. The art style has a very retro style to it but is still up to todayís standards when it comes to quality. The odd nature of Banipal Witt well animated and perhaps is the best part of the movie. The theme song is something I also enjoy.

With the expansive volume of anime available to the consumer I can not say that everyone should see Catnapped. If you are in the market for a childrenís movie and have exhausted Studio Ghibli this movie is right up your alley. I give Catnapped a rating of good/ very good.

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