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Review: "All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku" Written by warpshadow Edited by Nz17 Rating: Good Though not without it's faults, "All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku" stands as a quality anime title. The plot is simple entertainment but provides a backdrop for a cast of charming characters presented with wacky slapstick humor that is all brought together with production values that can still hold up in our modern time. Beyond the basic setup, there is not much plot involved in "Nuku Nuku." The story goes that while on the run with an experimental android Kyusaku Natsume stole from his ex-wife he crashes his car, fatally injuring his son?s cat. Not wanting the cat to die, he places it?s brain into the experimental android to preserve the cat's life. None of the three have heard the last of Natsume's ex-wife who is the president of Mishima Industries, a maker of high tech weaponry. She wants to extract revenge against Natsume and take her son Ryunosuke from his father. The android Nuku Nuku becomes invaluable in the middle of this very nasty custody battle with her strength and robotic abilities. Trust this author when he says custody doesn?t get much nastier than battling helicopters and octopus robots. Thankfully this OAV series is short enough so as to remain fresh throughout its six episodes. Viewers should not be expecting anything philosophical or thought provoking from what could be described at best as "stupid entertainment." The concept of a cat in an mechanical body that is fashioned after a high school student fighting off the lethal machinations of evil ex-wife Akiko cannot be taken very far. "Nuku Nuku" proves well worth watching at least as a rental though I would recommend anyone with some extra cash and a penchant for slapstick comedy to purchase this title soon.

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