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Review Charís counterattack

It is the ninety third year of the Universal Century. In the past fourteen years the earth and surrounding space has been gripped by two wars and numerous other violent clashes. At the forefront of this violence has been two men Amuro Rei and Char Aznable. Just when things are starting to look peaceful Char sets into motion his master plan dropping a huge asteroid onto earth Making the planet unlivable in an attempt to force humanity to evolve into Newtypes. Naturally Amuro being the crusader for justice that he is will try to stop Charís plot. What will be the conclusion to the final battle between these two Luminary anime characters?

Charís counterattack by my standards is what you would call a supplementary movie. What distinguishes this movie from others of the classification is that this movie instead of being a long episode with no real bearing on the overall story is a vital chapter in the Universal Century universe. As a final battle for two of animeís most beloved characters this movie does not disappoint. Charís counterattack is two hours of the mecha battles, tragic love stories and everything else you have come to love about Gundam.

Although it is made over ten years ago Charís counterattack stands up very well to the test of time. The Cel animation is meticulously drawn being a very good example of what the medium is capable of. The mecha battles are also animated very well giving the viewer a good impression of three dimensional space combat.

Gundam is considered one of the greatest epics in all anime. Charís counterattack truly lives up to the monumental weight of the series and should be watched by anyone who enjoys mecha anime. I give Charís counterattack a rating of excellent.

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