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Review Chobits

Hideki Motosuwa is a country bumpkin who came to the city to go to college. When he gets there he finds out about the new craze, human shaped computers called persocoms ( a play on the word pasocom, what the Japanese call a personal computer). Being a struggling student Hideki could never afford one. As luck would have it, Hideki finds a persocom in the trash while walking home one day. He decides it would be a waste to leave her there and so he takes her (the persocom looks female) home and turns her on. The persocom can do nothing but say the word chi and that is what Hideki names her.

Chobits starts off predictably enough being the somewhat ecchi show about a boy and his cute robot that it looks like. While this okay in and of itself the first half is sort of average. The second half of the show gets more philosophical and deals with the implications of a human having a relationship with a robot. This is the real meat of the show and it is something that makes this show much better than most shows of this genre. The character of Chi is also interesting being a character that very noticeably evolves throughout the show

Chobits has very well done animation. The character designs and the general art quality are very high. Chi was not voted the newtype female character of the year for nothing.

Chobits is a very fun show to watch. This show Is something a suggest you stick with even if it looks a immature in the beginning. If you do like the first few episodes more power to you. I give Chobits a rating of very good/ excellent.

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