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Review Cowboy Bebop the movie

It is the year 2071, just before Halloween on mars. A tanker truck blows up releasing some unknown destructive agent upon the hapless locals. One very odd thing happens, the driver of the truck survives and walks away unscathed. The local government is in alarm over the issue and puts a huge bounty on the head of the man who perpetrated it, whoever he may be. The sets the bounty hunting crew of the bebop on the case. As this is the big bounty they have ever sought it is also the biggest case they will ever undertake.

The Cowboy Bebop movie is what I term to be a supplementary movie. The usually warnings I give donít apply as strongly here do to the nature of plot and characterization that occur not only in the movie but in the television series. Now that my warning is out of the way, now I can move on to how awesome the movie is. This movie is first and foremost an action movie. While there is a worthwhile plot, it moves at a fast clip and never bogs down.

Most movies of this nature are like their television parents but with an improvement in animation. Cowboy Bebop is the same but let me remind you that the television show was well above average in the animation department. Also to be noted Yoko Kanno returns to turn out some juicy tunes.

Cowboy Bebop is a great action movie. I feel confident in saying that it is an action movie not only by the numerous action scenes but the fact that it works on many levels. While the movie is contemplative for those that will watch it for those purposes but fortunately for other viewers they wonít have to dread the prospect of slogging through a boring art film. I give Cowboy Bebop the movie a rating of excellent.

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