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Review Crest of the stars

Jinto is a young boy whose father is the president of president Hyde. Or at least he used to before the Abh took over his planet. Normally this would be considered a bad thing but as it turns out his bad becomes the ruler of the planet with Jinto as his heir. Sounds odd doesnít it. As it turns out the Abh are a feudal empire and donít really care about ruling planet hyde. Yes a feudal empire. Obviously science fiction teaches us that are current form of a Democratic Republic is not really that successful in the far future.

Now what are the Abh? Wouldnít you like to know. Actually Jinto has technically been an Abh for seven years and hasnít met one. This question is answered quite well in episode 2 when Jinto meets an Abh who calls her self Lafiel. Lafiel then takes Jinto to the battleship Gosroth so Jinto can be taken to the Abh Capital so he can learn more about the Abh and Fulfill his role as the ruler of his home planet.

Of course this series would be a bit boring if things went so smoothly. Not to worry the Abh empire comes under attack by the United Mankind a bunch of countries that hate the Abh and have aligned together to destroy them. This war will take some time, Lafiel states that she will probably die of old age before itís over. Do note that there is another two seasons of this show (maybe more in the future) so I think she might be right on this one.

I have an odd feeling that from now on there will be a lot of anime shows that cover science fiction. Now why did I just say that you ask? Well from my experience the only anime shows that can do really good computer graphics are science fiction shows. Given that crest of the stars is a show with hyper space spaceships and aliens (not exactly read the history explanation in the extra section of the DVD) I can safely say that Crest of the Stars is not an exception to my hypothesis on CG and science fiction anime. The opening for Crest of the Stars is quite different from most anime openings. Instead of the Usual J pop Opening with scenes of all the characters the opening of Crest of the Stars has a wordless opening song with a bunch of pictures detailing outer space. Very Reminiscent of the opening of Star Trek. The best part of it is that if you donít like the opening or ending songs on a DVD you can just skip them. Great Isnít it?

Crest of the Stars is a good show, especially if you like to watch thinking anime. If you have a place next to your Utena or Gasaraki or even Star Trek or Babylon 5 tapes or DVDs Crest of the Stars is something good to place next to them. I give crest of the stars a rating of very good.

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