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Review Crimson Wolf

In Mongolia some archeologists found the tomb of Ghengis Khan. Even though he was dead for seven hundred years Ghengis wasnít too happy about being disturbed so he lays a curse down upon China. If three people with a scar from an arrow wound are not found and killed within one thousand days (about three years) the land will turn barren forcing them to attack Europe. A young martial artist named Kai has his life turned upside down when thugs working for a mysterious figure called the Daioh (meaning great king) kill his master. Who is this Daioh and does the scar on Kaiís forehead have any connection to the prophecy?

Crimson wolf is a short film with a lot of plot packed into it. You get the feeling that the movie has a lot to say but does not spend enough time fleshing things out. If it had another half hour or so Crimson wolf probably could have been a much better movie. Another thing that annoyed me about the film is that they refer to the crimson wolf as the Han Ran yet the animation clearly shows it to be spelled Hang Lang.

The animation for Crimson wolf is decent if uninspiring. It clearly shows that the movie is not new but it is not bad enough for me to hate it but not good enough for me to recommend the movie based on the artwork.

Crimson wolf is a decent but ultimately forgettable film. One warning though this film is definitely not for children as there is a good deal of sex and violence in the movie. I give crimson wolf a rating of fair.

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