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Review Da Capo

On a strange island where the cherry trees bloom all year long a young magician Junichi lives with his sister Nemu. On the first day of school a transfer student from America recognizes him. It is his cousin Sakura who oddly enough hasnít seemed to have aged a day since they last met. She said that she has returned to fulfill a promise that she made a long time ago with Junichi. This is only the beginning of a tale full of cute girls, magic and cherry blossoms.

Da Capo is truly a mixed bag with a bit of everything including music videos, omake, an endearing love story and even a cat-eared maid. On the downside this leaves the plot a bit sparse as the first twenty one epiosdes (out of a total of twenty six) have only about fifteen minutes devoted to the story itself. For the first fifteen episodes the show meanders about with character introductions and filler episodes but begins to from a cohesive plot in episode 16. As for an overall statement of plot quality, it is a anime based on a dating sim and a fairly average one at that.

The animation quality for Da Capo is decent around what you would expect for a show made recently. One thing important to note is that this show is chock full of music. There is around a dozen or more vocal songs in the show as opposed to most shows that only have two.

Da Capo is currently only available through fansubs. The show is a bit weak especially near the beginning but if you like this type of anime I would recommend it. I give Da Capo a rating of good.

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