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Review Dai guard

It has been twelve years since an alien race called the hetrodynes attacked. Since it has been so long since the last attack a giant robot called Dai guard that was built to fight them off has been reduced to the role of marketing gimmick. When a hetrodyne appears the first thing that Akagi (who is the pilot of Dai guard but in reality just office drone) can think of is firing Dai guard up and defeating the monster. After convincing his fellow pilots they drive off the monster. But then they have to deal with things far scarier than hundred foot tall aliens, the military and corporate politics.

Daiguard is a rather humorous take on the old giant robot who fights aliens show. The show is funny but never at the cost of a believable plot or enjoyable characters. This is a good show, better than one would expect from the premise since the well worn plot is fleshed out by a cast of well rounded characters. Instead of your normal happy go lucky hero who is simply praised for being the hero for example, Dai Guard has Akagi, while being happy go lucky is a bit out of step with the rest of the world.

The animation for Dai guard is crisp and well done. On top off that there is perhaps one of the most enjoyable and heroic opening themes I have heard in a long time.

Many people will watch generally average or slightly bellow average shows because they are simply mindless, fun entertainment. I found that Dai guard is better mindless fun entertainment than most other shows. If you like giant robots at all you need to give this one a try. I give Dai guard a rating of very good.

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