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Review Digimon the movie

Want more Digimon than the television shows can provide you with? If you do then you want to watch the Digimon movie. The movie starts out takes place three years before the first season detailing Tai and Kariís first encounter with a digimon. What begins as a cute little Botamon (a baby agumon) quickly Digivolves into a big mess. Then the movie jumps four years into the future to deal with a bad digimon created on the Internet. The Digidestined are scattered and most of them are not even aware of the threat. With a reduced number can they handle the threat Diaboromon? This new evil Digimon is connected with an American boy named Willis but how?

One thing that is quite apparent with the Digimon movie is that the plot seems a bit disjointed. The reason behind this is that what is the Digimon movie in America is actually the first three Japanese Digimon movies lumped together. The other thing to remember is that there is a fair number of Digimon terms that are not really explained all that well in the movie. If you have seen the television show everything will make sense.

The animation for Digimon the movie is slightly odd. The animation style is a bit different than that of the television series Favoring thicker outlines and a different color palette the Digimon movieís art style may not be for everyone.

The Digimon movie is a decent movie considering it is some of those supplementary anime movies. Perhaps the biggest problem with getting interest in the Digimon movie is that the Digimon fad is a bit old. I give the Digimon Movie a rating of fair.

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