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Review Dirty Pair Flash

In the far Future the galaxy is pretty messed up. Fortunately there is the trouble consultants of the WWWA to handle problems. Unfortunately two of these trouble consultants seem to destroy anything they touch. They are Kei and Yuri, code named the lovely angels yet are widely known as the Dirty Pair. The newest incarnation of these two agents is dirty pair flash.

Things start out with a dying man handing Yuri a card and telling her to give it to the WWWA. Yuri, however is going to a date and she dumps the job on Kei. Kei Doesnít want to handle it either and when some mysterious men want the card back things get worse. What follows is a mad chase through the city leaving it in ruins. On their next assignment Kei and Yuri run into a female super assassin with a connection to the Lovely Angels. Not to mention that the card the Dirty Pair recovers leads to an even bigger mystery that could alter the fate of the Galaxy. Not only this when that mystery is solved there more adventures for Kei and Yuri.

One thing I like about Dirty Pair Flash is that it avoids the " You had to read the Manga version to understand" syndrome that is all to prevalent in oavs. While Dirty Pair Flash offers very little in the way of an overall plot, very little is needed. The plot clears itself once a mission is done and nothing is really referred to from older story arcs. In fact the less you know about the old dirty pair the better. It seems that many old fans of the show dislike it for the changes in the show. I am not that familiar with it so it has done nothing to spoil the fun of watching dirty pair flash.

Dirty pair flash has decent animation. There are a few scenes that look really well done but most of it is just serviceable. The animation is not uneven though. They just spend most of their time in uninterestingly animated locals.

One good thing about this show is the music. Each mission comes with itís own opening and closing music, and those are pretty good songs.

Dirty Pair Flash is a good oav as oavs go. While this is nothing truly groundbreaking it is not bad. Given that ADV packs a lot of episodes on a DVD for this it is worth getting. I give Dirty Pair Flash a rating of good.
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