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Review Dual parallel trouble adventure

Kazuki Yotsuka is like any other high school student except that see can see giant robots that no one else can. One day Mitsuki a popular girl shows interest in him. She takes him to see her mad scientist of a father who needs Kazuki for his research. What this research turns out to be is that Dr. Sonada (Mitsuki’s dad) believes that their are multiple dimensions and sends Kazuki to another one to prove it. The interesting things is that the giant robots that Kazuki used to see as phantoms are now real.

Dual is a mildly entertaining and very derivative show. This perhaps the most obvious rip off of Evangelion I have ever seen. The characters are also a bit flat this being a less than average showing of the "one guy many girls" type of show. It does manage to pick up a bit in later episodes. Still there was nothing that was really annoying in the show, it just feels uninspired as if the creators were just spinning their wheels.

The animation is a bit better than the plot. It features the newer style of computer animation techniques and looks very clean. The character designs are very reminiscent of El hazard.

Dual is a generally average show with nothing really special about it. While I wouldn’t recommend I wouldn’t warn against watching it either. The biggest thing going against it is that there are just so many better shows out there. I give Dual parallel trouble adventure a rating of fair/ good.

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