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Confessions of a dub fan

One of the most common features of foreign anime fandom is the decision of what is the best way to watch anime, also known as the sub/dub war. Usually whenever you read an article on this subject it is usually from the sub side of the debate. One thing that Anifanatikku does is that it presents a different (and in this case an underrepresented) perspective than most other fanzines.

As you can probably guess from the title of the article, yes I do enjoy watching anime dubbed. I have been doing so for years. I have my reasons. Here they are.

1. It is easier to watch anime or anything in a language that you are fluent in. Instead of having to read subtitles and correlate them to what is being said while trying to watch the animation at the same time you only have to listen to what is being said to understand the dialogue in a dubbed version of anime. This way if the dubbed cast is any good at all it is easier to pick up on the subtleties of the dialogue. This goes double if you are eating while watching, which I often do since breakfast and lunch tend to be my viewing times.

2. If you buy anime the dub is usually pretty good. A when you actually buy a dubbed tape or watch the dub track on a dvd the licensing company generally does their best to make a good production. Shoddy dubs tend to be things placed on Television first. Remember you tend to get better stuff when you pay for it.

3. At a convention there is someoneís head is always where the subtitles are.

4. Sometimes in anime they will have a woman voice acting a male part. This is ok with childrenís roles since women often times have more flexible vocal chords. However I donít care if the Seiyuu (Japanese word for voice actor) is the Sun Goddess Amaterasu, if the character is a guy then the character should sound like a guy.

5. Some times I find the reason people watch subtitles is for a sense of superiority. These people are the people that simply canít accept that people might like to watch anime differently than they do. Those type of people are really annoyed by newer fans and insult them. No one should use their veteran status in a hobby to lord over people less experienced than they are.

All This being said I bear no grudge against those who watch subs (the people that fit point number 5 excluded). To be honest I watch subtitled anime myself sometimes. This is usually the case if I canít get a hold the anime dubbed. In truth although I prefer dubs I will not let my format preferences rob me of a chance to watch anime. I think this is true of any true anime fan. Hopefully with the advent of DVDís that allow the viewer to choose what format he of she wishes do watch the meaningless war will die down a bit.
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