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Review El hazard the magnificent world

One day in Shininomi High school some ancient ruins are found. That night a strange occurrence happens, stopping time for everyone except for one student, Makoto Mizuhara. When guessing that the disturbance comes from the ruins he heads there and finds a strange woman. Even though he has never met her she says that she has been waiting for him for ten thousand years. In order to fulfill some unknown plan she sends Makoto, his drunkard teacher Mister Fujisawa, his psychotic rival Katsuhiko Jinnai, and his childhood friend and Jinnaiís sister Nanami, to an unknown world. Once there Makoto gets embroiled in a political debacle that has him dressing up as a woman to impersonate a kidnapped princess and facing down an empire of giant bugs.

El hazard is an anime that the English speaking anime fans have enjoyed for quite some time and after my most recent viewing have found out that it ages quite well. The character work is superbly done. The fact that the creators were able to introduce a sizable cast and flesh it out as well as most 26 episode television shows do in the space of seven Oav episodes is pretty remarkable once you think about it.

The animation quality for El hazard is extremely good. Oavs are known to have a higher degree of animation quality than anime produced for television and this is clearly shown in El hazard.

El hazard is a pretty famous title in the anime world, spawning two television shows and a second Oav. Even though itís popularity has faded over the years it still remains as a high quality Oav. While it might not be required viewing for anime fans it is certainly worth watching. I give El hazard the magnificent world a rating of very good/ excellent.

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