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“Like a cruel angel, young boy, become the legend!”

With those lyrics above, One of Japan’s greatest anime’ was born. A story about a society, and the fight for survival. A story about a genesis, a new beginning? A story about choices, and consequences. A story about, a boy. This anime’ became famous for it’s intriguing storyline. This is a must.

It all started with the “second impact”. This impact wiped out half the human race. This explosion was the first angel. An angel is also known as a messenger from god, but these ones bring a “destructive message” . They destroy things. Not much is known about them, where they came from, why they are destructive.

Now to the Eva’s part. These “things” were created by nerv, an underground organization trying to stop the angels. The evas are created all over the world. And they all have pilots, or will have. These are powerful machines.

Shinji Ikari, a boy who has been selected as the “Third Child” is the son to Gendo Ikari, the leader of Nerv. He has had a bad relationship with his father. Shinji isn’t too happy to see him again. He pilots Eva Unit 1. Over time he has gotten used to it. He also gets used to living with one of nerv’s employees, Misato. Shinji doesn’t know how she lives like she does, but he learns.

Shinji isn’t alone. There are 2 other children, Rei, and Asuka. The help him through life. Shinji’s friends from school, Toji and Kensuke, also help, and want to be Eva pilots too.

The artwork in this anime’ is extraordinary. Some of the parts in the series could’ve been improved. The animation is sharp, and blurred through the series. But most of the artwork can be compared to gundam, as “normal”. It is somewhat normal, but somewhat different.

As rating goes, I give storyline a 4.5, because it came be confusing at some points. I gave artwork a 4, because, although is it average, it is also creative at some points. It’s also sharper and more in depth than some Gundam and other Anime’. In all the score is a 8.5. This anime is a must. An interesting storyline, and great artwork.
“ Embracing this sky and shining, young boy, become the legend” back to reviews