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Review Fatal Fury, Legend of the hungry wolf

Like many beleaguered heroes of martial arts movies Terry and Andy Bogard have the misfortune of having their father being murdered because his martial arts master chose to teach his special techniques to him instead of the man that murdered him (which raises the question as how good could these special techniques be if the snubbed student manages to kill either the student that learned them or the master that knows them how good could those secret techniques that the villain is killing people for). is In response they train for ten years in order to become good enough to learn the special martial arts technique needed to avenge their father.

Like most anime based off of fighting games fatal fury isnít that good. The plot not only suffers from the cardboard characterization that anime of this ilk tend to suffer from but also tries to cram far to much plot into itís short fifty minute running time to really explore any of the sides to the tale presented. All in all a was pretty unimpressed.

Sometimes an anime can have a bad plot but make up for it with great animation or exciting fight sequences. Unfortunately for those watching this oav, this is not the case. For a show centered around the martial arts the fight scenes are sparse and unexciting.

With any hope Fatal fury is available in your local video store since I wouldnít recommend shelling out the money to buy this. To be honest I have seen worse but I have also seen a lot better. I give Fatal fury legend of the hungry wolf a rating of fair.

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