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Review FLCL

Naota (although he is often called Takun) is like many anime protagonists a normal kid. Well sort of normal since his absent brother’s girlfriend has the hots for him. In any case his life gets a lot less normal once a self proclaimed alien runs him over with her moped, smashes her guitar into his head and then ends up as the live in maid. All this head trauma did very odd things to Naota since now he has the occasional horn that sprouts from his head only to give birth to a robot.

Let me start off by says that FLCL (pronounced Furi Kuri or Fooly Cooly, there is no official pronunciation for the show’s title) is weird. Really Weird. While it is almost, if not absolutely impossible to make sense of the show, it still manages to be enjoyable, very enjoyable. Among the field of weird anime comedies FLCL stands out with it’s own almost indescribable style. In truth it is something that can get old fairly quickly but it is only six episodes long so the show ends before the idea behind it gets stale.

FLCL has very good animation. While it doesn’t spend that much energy on technical excellence the very style of it is interesting. What really makes the series cool is the music. The background music gives an energy and utter coolness to the entire work.

It is my belief that FLCL is something of a guilty pleasure. Well not that guilty since a lot of people like it but it is a pleasure nonetheless. Every once in a while something that it odd and funny is good and FLCL is as odd and funny as they get. I give FLCL a rating of very good.

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