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Review Grappler Baki

The world of martial arts and karate is one tradition and violence. In this world a young man who no more than a white belt yet can beat even the most promising of fighters. His name is Baki Hanma. Baki is an amazing fighter who is completely covered in scars, yet his attitude is that of a simple boy. Underneath the Tokyo dome is a secret and illegal fighting arena. In this arena Baki will have to face his toughest challenge yet Shinogi a ruthless fighter who has mastered the secret technique of destroying his opponents nerve cords.

Grappler Baki is a short Oav/ movie about fighting and little else. While this may sound like the Grappler Baki isnít any good but in reality the reason people watch shows like this is for the fighting. So in reality the big difference between Grappler Baki and most fighting game anime is that Grappler doesnít try to force a weak plotand pointless characters as reason to why there is all this fighting going on. If you want violence Grappler Baki gives it to you.

On a deeper inspection Grappler Baki is one of those disposable Oavs made in the late eighties and early nineties that are obviously based on a longer manga series. Also there is a Grappler Baki television series made much later than the oav reviewed here.

The animation for Grappler Baki is unimpressive yet still enjoyable. The fights get quite gory (especially the final one) but that is what fighting movies are for.

Grappler Baki is a simple Oav with little plot or deepr meaning to it. I would suggest you rent this but it will be a worthwhile rental. I will also have to check out the Grappler Baki television series. I give Grappler Baki a rating of good.

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