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Review Geobreeders

Yoichi Taba has an interesting job. He works at Kagura total security. One thing Kagura is not a normal security company. They are a special security company. Kagura total security is a special mercenary group that hunts the phantom cats. Phantom cats are not normal cats. They can assume human form, control electrical equipment, and even take machine gun fire. But not all phantom cats are evil, one of them, by the name of Maya is sort of the pet of Taba. Unfortunately for her she get kidnapped by some strange men. And unfortunately for Taba, the rest of Kagura total security won’t lift a finger to rescue her without a hefty sum of cash.

Geobreeders is a wacky action comedy in typical anime tradition. Except for Taba everyone in Kagura total security is a cute female of some oddball disposition. As can be expected by being the only male member and this being a comedy, Taba is also the company whipping boy. The fan favorite of this motley crew is Maki Umezaki, a gun happy girl with a very cool attitude and a Mafia style fashion sense.

Like many Oav’s Geobreeders is based on a longer running manga series. This causes someone unfamiliar with it some slight confusion. This only slight confusion as the main story runs quite well without any prior knowledge.

Geobreeders is decent show for a rental. While contains many of the traits you would expect to find in an anime, it feels rather pedestrian from the perspective of veteran anime fan. It feels quite similar to Project Ako in many respects. I give geobreeders a rating of fair.

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