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Review Ghost in the Shell

Motoko Kusanagi is a cyborg and a special agent of section 9. Her latest assignment pits her and her teammates against a hacker known simply as the puppet master. The puppet master is far more powerful than any normal hacker for the puppet master can even alter the identity of a human being. Also the puppet masterís motives are completely unclear as a swirl of political intrigue surround the case. The very nature of the case makes Motoko uneasy as she begins to doubt there very nature of her existence.

Ghost in the shell is one of the best anime movies ever. It is a philosophical movie that not only poses the question of what is humanity and what is identity but asks them more forcefully than most pieces of science fiction. It is the very strength of the questions posed gives the movie not only itís character but truly makes it a classic. The movie itself is very compact in the way that even though it gives the viewer time to think nothing feels in anyway extraneous.

I have often found that the best anime movies in terms of theme and plot often are also blessed with the best animation. Ghost in the shell is no exception to this theory. Everything is meticulously drawn to the finest detail. The artwork is enough to merit a second viewing in itís own right.

Most anime critics call Ghost in the shell one of if not the best anime movie ever and after watching it again I would have to say that it would be dishonest of me to disagree. I would have to say that if you seriously call yourself an Otaku or anime fan you would eventually have to see this movie. I give ghost in the shell a rating of fantastic!

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