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Review Chojushin Gravion

Eiji Shigure is an orphan looking for his lost sister. His search takes him to Sandman castle where she was last seen. While infiltrating the castle during one of Sandmanís parties (even going as far as dressing in drag to do so) he runs into a curious young man by the name of Touga. This happens at possibly the worst time as a bizarre alien only known as Zerabaia attacks the planet Earth. So poor Eiji is dragooned into helping fight Zerabaia with a grand diva, a fighter plane that is part of the Ultimate robot Gravion.

Gravion is one of those giant combining robot shows reminiscent of the Mighty Morphin power rangers. Although both shows are cosmetically similar Gravion isnít weighed down by the repetitive monster of the week episodes that power rangers is. On the other hand while Gravion occasionally attempts to be deep, Evangelion this isnít . Perhaps the thing I enjoyed most about the show is that despite the fact that Eiji is clearly the main character of the show he doesnít hog the spotlight to the point that the other characters feel underdeveloped.

Gravion is one of the newer products of Studio GONZO. If you donít know what this means, Gravion is made with using computer graphics and very good computers graphics at that. The character designs are also great, with fanservice for both genders. The music is also good capturing the heroic nature of the show.

Gravion is neither a great show or a horrible one. While currently only available through fansubs I have a feeling that this show may be licensed soon. If you are looking for a mecha show that has the heart of the kid shows that you grew up with but with a bit more sophistication, Gravion may just be the show for you. I give Chojushin Gravion a ration of good.

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