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Review Green Green

Kanenone is a boys only school, or at least it was until the girls came. The boys, especially three perverted idiots were very happy at this turn of events. When the girls arrived one particular girl, Midori, Jumped all over one particular boy, Yuusuke just as she arrived. She says that their meeting is fate and that she has always loved him. Yuusuke thinks Mdori is a bit nuts. Meanwhile Yuusukeís three idiotic friends try their best to see girls naked and steal their underwear and get beaten bloody in the process. This promises to be an eventful month at Kanenone.

Green Green is a perverted little anime. This show is ecchi and then some. I am a bit surprised that this show was allowed to air on television. To be honest the viewerís opinion of sophomoric pranks is the deal breaker in this show. The characters arenít that great, relying on a collection of stereotypes that arenít fleshed out well at all. The plot ambles along as well with a conclusion that seems to come out of left field at the eleventh hour. Donít expect much of anything except for ecchi jokes from Green Green.

The animation for Green Green is decent for a television show. The opening and ending songs (along with the opening animation) is a high point.

Green Green is currently only available through fansubs. Overall Green Green isnít that good of a show. The only people I would recommend this to would be fans of anything ecchi, and for them this would be the perfect guilty pleasure show. For everyone else I would recommend that they steer clear. I give Green Green a rating of fair.

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