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Review Gunsmith cats

Chicago is a crime ridden city (Americans are usually portrayed as very violent in anime) but there is a pair of bounty hunters known as the gunsmith cats who are top notch (the police in anime are always incompentent). They are Rally Vincent, a master of everything related to firearms, and Minnie May Hopkins, a girl who really likes explosives. The story starts out when they are roped into an investigation by Bill Collins, an ATF officer with a thing for Rally. As can be expected with this type of anime, violence, mayhem and a bit of T and A ensues. Things really heat up when an KGB assassin by the name of Natasha Radinoff shows up.

Gunsmith cats is an Oav based on a longer running manga series. Despite this fact and the fastpaced style of the show, I never felt at a loss to what was happening or who the characters were. On the other hand, if you have read the manga the chance to see the characters animated should not be missed.

Gunsmith cats is not some deep artistic movie that makes you think deep thoughts. To put it plainly, Gunsmith cats is an action movie (technically not a movie though since it is an Oav). This not to say it is bad. As a "girls with guns" type of show it work well, as both the girls and the action is of high quality. Not only that there is a car chase or two to add even more excitement.

The animation for gunsmith cats is fairly good. Although it is an Oav the quality of the animation is around that of a tv series. To put it in a nut shell It is ok but you won't be watching this for some breathtaking establishing shots.

One other thing to note is that the music for the show is rather good. The opening song is more of a jazz tune than the standard Jpop of most anime shows. I would easily say it is a credit to the show and helps reinforce the fact that it takes place in America.

All in all Gunsmith cats is an enjoyable but forgetable Oav. This can be offset by the Availabity of the Oav(This review is based of a showing on the Action Channel). I give Gunsmith Cats a 3 1/2 out of 5.

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