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Review .hack dusk

It has been a few years since the events in the .hack television show and video games. Out of nowhere Shugo and Rena, two new players to the world win a contest saying that they can use the character templates for Kite and Black Rose. Things get even more interesting when they run into a monster that canít be defeated. When Shugo dies he meets Aura, the same girl who gave Kite his magic bracelet, and hands one out to Shugo as well. Does this all mean that the same catastrophe that befell the world four years ago is about to repeated?

.Hack Dusk is the second of two .Hack television shows that also follow a video game. Fortunately for those who are unfamiliar with the world(the fictitious online role playing game that .Hack occurs in) this show does not require any previous knowledge. For those more experienced there are many insider references to .Hack dusk to keep you entertained. The major difference between this show and .Hack sign is that dusk is a much livelier show with less of the "talking heads" syndrome that displeased many viewers of .Hack sign.

Given that the show takes place inside a computer generated world the fact that .Hack dusk has computer graphics would come to no suprise. The graphics themselves are generally appealing, while not to the point of utter amazement they are still nice to look at.

.Hack dusk is currently only available through fansubs although this is easily subject to change. The show is at the core a good show being better than most anime out there do to itís compact story and likable characters. Any solid anime fan should see this show as it is both a good show in itís own right and a easy introduction into the .hack world, even if it is at the end. I give .Hack dusk a rating of very good.

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