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Review Happy Lesson Advance

Chitose is continuing to live is normal (well normal as can be with five mothers) life. One day out of the blue a stranger from China by the name Nagatsuki Kuron appears. Nagatsuki has come to Japan in search of Mutsuki. Interestingly enough Mutsuki is Nagatsukiís mother as well do to a promise Mutsuki made when she was in high school. In addition Nagatsuki is very furious at Chitose for a variety of reasons, not all of which she divulges. It looks like Chitoseís life have become even more comically insane.

Happy lesson advance is the second season to happy lesson. For the most part the show continues on almost exactly like itís predecessor. There is a bit more plot added into the second season as things are brought up from past episodes, which is a definite plus. The show is about as good as the first season and so if you liked it I would say picking this up is a good decision.

The animation for Happy Lesson Advance is pretty good. The colors are light and fluffy and are good for a happy show like this one. The animation quality in general is good enough to be enjoyable and is a bit above average for a television show.

Happy Lesson Advance is currently available through fansubs although I would count on it being licensed soon since ADV holds the rights to the first season. Overall this is a nice light show that even if it isnít a classic is still fun to watch. I give Happy Lesson Advance a rating of good.

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