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Review Happy lesson

Chitose is an ill-tempered boy with no parents. Well not any blood relatives but instead he has four teachers and a school nurse who refer to themselves as his mothers. These arenít your normal teachers, well sort of normal except in true anime comedy fashion they are a gaggle of zany wackos. Add into this mixture two sisters (not real sisters but people from the orphanage that Chitose went to when he was younger and regard themselves as his sisters), an easily angered class president and a mad scientist that both have romantic feelings for Chitose. All this adds up to make Chitoseís life a comedic hell.

The first thing that will come to most peopleís mind when they first see happy lesson is that it is a Love Hina Rip off. Although they are two shows in the same genre (A shonen style comedy of boy and the girls who hurt him) Happy lesson it definitely itís own show. Happy lesson has very little in the way of an overarching plot, with even the developments that happen the later episodes being reversed in the end. The show is simply three oav and thirteen television episodes of comedy and sentimentality.

The animation for Happy lesson, given that it is a recent television show, is at a level that one would expect. The biggest highlight is the ending animation where the female cast is turned into chibi form(also known as superdeformed) and dance.

Happy lesson is a funny and heartwarming, if pedestrian show. The show has just been liscensed by ADV (which is what prompted my review) to be released sometime in the future. When it comes out I wouldnít say that you should rush out and buy immediately but if you are in the mood for a light comedy at the time Happy Lesson would fit the bill. I give Happy Lesson a rating of good.

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