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Review His and Her Circumstances

Yukino Miyazawa is High school student who lives only for the praise of others. Lately there has been a problem, namely Soichiro Arima. Arima is a model student that is a bit better than Yukino and thus she hates him for stealing her thunder. Unfortunately for Yukino one day she accidently lets down her guard and Arima accidentally finds out that she is not the model student that she pretends to be. What follows is a story of love and self discovery that almost unparalleled in anime.

His and Her Circumstances is first and foremost a show about the characters rather than a plot they are subject to. This is where the gets itís strength for the characters are far more developed and complex than any other series that I can think of at the moment. They will suck you and let you into their minds. However not everything is perfect with this show. There is more recapping than is necessary and it also has a weak ending. In the end the bad points as noticeable and irritating as they may be donít cancel out the overall quality and uniqueness of the show.

The animation her His and Her Circumstances is different to say the least. The idea of the characters being the story itself and will bend whatever is needed to express their feelings. This makes for a very experimental approach to animation that is engaging in and of itself.

His and Her Circumstances is one of the best anime shows I have ever seen. Even though it has flaws that prevent me from giving it a perfect score I most soundly recommend this show to any fan of anime. It is so good I now say Evangelion was one of Gainaxís greatest works instead of clearly the best since I feel this show equals it. I give His and Her Circumstances a rating of Excellent.

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