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Review Iís Oav.

Seto is a fairly average high school boy with a crush on a girl, Iori, who is an up and coming actress.. He feels especially bad after she goes away on a shoot and he didnít have the courage to tell her how he feels. To make up for this cowardice, rides out in his bicycle to go all the way to meet her. Along the way he starts to remember a promise that he made a long, long time ago to two friends. Almost by coincidence the very place where is was supposed to go in order to fulfill the promise is near the hotel where Iori is.

If you ever wondered what an anime created by someone with attention deficit disorder would be like Iís would probably be it. What there is of a plot bounces around for the first half or so and fails to give the viewer a strong feeling of purpose to the whole piece. On top of this the characters often act unbelievably and plot elements are introduced and then forgotten with little point to them. Overall this is one of the most disappointing Oavs I have ever seen.

On the other hand the animation is very good. Oavs are typically made with better animation than television shows and Iís is no exception to the rule. It is perhaps the Oavís saving grace, if any.

Iís is currently unlicensed and thus available through fansub. Even with the tendency for companies to license almost everything It may still be a while before this gets picked up do to itís poor storytelling and lack of hype. Not that I am recommending it but in this case you should see it now since it definitely not worth paying money to see. I give Iís a rating of poor/ fair.

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