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Review Jewel BEM hunter Lime

Lime and Bass were sent to catch someone who stole the magic jewels from the magic world. Unfortunately there was a mishap and the jewels spilled out into the human world. Since the jewels left on their own will absorb the negative feelings of humans and transform into monsters, Lime and Bass have to recover the jewels before chaos befalls the land. This isnít as easy as it sounds as when they descend to earth the jewels have already become monsters that have taken the form of various objects that have different and somewhat trivial reasons for taking revenge on humanity.

Jewel BEM hunter Lime is a somewhat cute but ultimately forgettable Oav. The biggest problem with the whole thing is that while it has the structure of a monster of the week anime, there is only three episodes into total and the story ends up going nowhere. The show is firmly wedged between shonen and shojo anime being too cute for the first and too ecchi for the later. All it is good for is a few cheap laughs but there arenít that many of those here.

The animation for Jewel BEM hunter Lime is around the level you would expect for a television show, decent but generally unremarkable. There is a bit of cuteness but it is never pulled off that well.

Overall there isnít that much reason to pick up this show. While it isnít really that bad it just isnít worth the time and effort it takes to watch the show, especially if you have to buy it. I give Jewel BEM hunter Lime a rating of fair.

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