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Review Jin Roh

In an alternate history World War Two didn’t turn out all that well for the Japanese. Long story short a bunch of terrorist rebels called the sect spring up and a highly trained goon squad called the capital police are created to deal with them. Fuse is a member of this capital police force and also a member of it’s special unit. One day while on a mission he runs into a young girl working for the sect who blows her self up with a bomb she was transporting. Fuse’s inability to act quickly sends him back to retrain. Things get even more interesting when Fuse meets the sister of the girl who died.

Jin Roh is a study of how the human conscious of a violent person in guise of a soldier interacts with society. It is deep and engrossing movie that never feels the need to adhere to cliché but still has characters that feel familiar. The movie has a great deal of subtle nuances that make repeated viewing not only tolerable but intriguing. Although there are no fantastic elements to it Jin Roh fulfills the function of all great science fiction, it uses a different set of circumstances than those that exist to tell the viewer some condition of the human soul.

The aesthetic elements of Jin Roh are also marvelous. The characters and everything else in the movie is drawn realistically and in a very high degree of detail. You rarely see animation is good.

Jin Roh is easily one of the best anime movie that have ever been made. This is a decision that has not been reached hastily since the review is based off of my second viewing. The movie does have some violence in it, but this is necessary since the movie is about violence. I give Jin Roh a rating of fantastic.

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